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Jumat, 22 Februari 2013

Crying could keep you from various diseases ..?

Cry certainly it is a symbol of sadness and the more often seen crying and tears are women or female. cry or shed tears not always ugly no positipnya position, if you have to, and indeed should cry cry for the sake of your health, do not hesitate to cry and break away from the feeling of feeling sad, or of anger stored in your heart.
According to scientific research conducted at the University of Temple, Texas, United States. That compared between 100 women suffering from colitis (inflammation of the colon) with 100 other women who do not suffer from this disease. Apparently, women who suffer from colitis, it considers that the crying was an evidence of one's weakness and inability to face the problems of life. And again, these women prefer to hold back her feelings and did not cry, though he is actually a very sad face problems.

And the women who do not suffer from the disease perceive that crying is something unusual. Research is important even come to the conclusion that to see that it can act tears clean the eyes of a variety of bacteria and microbes that lodged in the eye. Disclosure inner feeling that is felt by a person who is hurt or sad or anything else similar, will help someone in the break away from the psychological and physical illness.

Tears were forbidden in Islam and Muslims are excessive crying like yelling screaming like a madman, because the devil aka Satan cries like with like, crying out in prayer is not good but shed a tear as remembrance and prayer is that Allah favored, If we reflect back to the Muslims there is a side which we sometimes cry without us knowing at the time of remembrance and prayer after prayer, we unknowingly did we find inner peace and tranquility. physical and we felt relieved as have escaped the burden that we face, perhaps this is just uncovered by researchers outside of the Muslim world and Islam.